52Frames catchup

I’ve had a few weeks where I took and submitted my 52Frames picture, but I didn’t make a blog post here – so I’m going to do that now to catch up 🙂

2021-07 – Golden Hour

I snagged this one with my phone during a short walk that happened, well, close enough to Golden Hour to make it work for the theme – I liked the light on top of the Uetliberg 🙂

2021-08 – Roll Credits

I wasn’t particularly inspired by the “Roll Credits” prompt; my husband made some almond cakes that week, and I took a few shots as we were eating them (with my phone as well); and I processed it with a strong vignette to give the idea of a gradual radial fade to black.

2021-09 – Details

Looking for details, my eyes fell on the bookmarks of my journal, and I thought it would be a nice detail – I still have a fair amount of white pages in this one!

2021-10 – Negative Space

When it comes to negative space, having something with an interesting shape feels key for me; I zeroed in on the idea of the bread knife pretty quickly. I used a strong light to reflect on the blade to get a sharp (pun intended, of course) contrast – it took a few attempts, and significant processing to get the background black – it was more reflective than I expected… but I ended up being happy with the result.

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