Cool Stuff

Resizing Images for a Twitter Stream [text]- this goes in the “useful tip” category. I’ve had issues with adding borders to images to get them to a certain size; I have various methods that DO work, but I really like the command line approach. ImageMagick FTW.

Announcing my new book: NOSE DIVE, coming October 20 [text] – Harold McGee, of “On Food and Cooking” fame, publishes a new book this month, and I’m there for it.

The Salty Death Of My Trusty Camera [photos, text] – Dave lost his camera in a salty water accident, which is sad, but his blog post is funny, so it’s less sad.

Tabloid:  The Clickbait Headline Programming Language [text] – because it made me giggle.

I am Allie Brosh. My main abilities include writing, drawing, caring, and hiding, but you can ask me whatever you want. AMA [text] – Allie Brosh did an AMA on r/books and I liked browsing though that.

In that AMA, she talked about Simon Stålenhag [images]- who does oil-painting-looking retro-futuristic illustrations, which I do find utterly fascinating. He happens to have a Kickstarter running right now.

LEGO IDEAS – Earth Globe [text, images]- Lego is going to make a globe from the IDEAS project. As a fan of both globes and Lego, I’m very tempted. And so much potential for random worldbuilding 😀

New Scientific Papers Predict Historic Results for Commonwealth Fusion Systems’ Approach to Commercial Fusion Energy [text] – because I still have hope to see fusion energy, and this made me hopeful that it might happen in my lifetime 🙂

Minecraft as a k8s admin tool [text, short video] – because this made me laugh much harder than a lot of things this week.

Bill Gates demonstrates Visual Basic (1991) [short video] – because that also made me giggle.

Computer Scientists Break Traveling Salesperson Record [text] – there exists an easy polynomial algorithm that approximates the metric Traveling Salesperson Problem within a factor 3/2 (like, explaining the proof fully takes maybe half an hour on a blackboard?). For a few decades, it was also the best known. Apparently, now there’s a claim to do fractionally better (and it spans a few dozens of pages 😛 )

2 thoughts on “Cool Stuff

    1. Fun fact: I’m pretty sure I put that link in that blog post before I saw people looking into Twitter image resizing 😀 And, content-aware or not, I’m one of these people who make conscious choices about image crops, and I fucking hate that the platform tries to coerce me into their opinions of how my image should be re-cropped (LOOKING AT YOU, INSTAGRAM), sometimes without giving me any choice in the matter >_<


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