52Frames – 2020-39 – Use a Tripod

The theme for 52Frames this week was “Use a Tripod”, with a side of “Create a composite”. Since I started using the Adobe tools, I hadn’t tested the focus stacking yet – so I fixed that.

This image is a composite of 40 exposures – taken, as expected, with a tripod and fixed exposure. The whole process of “importing/aligning/stacking” was handled by Photoshop in a very satisfying and automatic manner – I love it when a plan comes together. It did take a few minutes for each step, but for 40 high-res, non-compressed, frames, I would have half expected the whole thing to crash violently, so… I’ll absolutely take that 🙂

The stacked image made deeply and painfully obvious that I had been more than sloppy with preparing my background: it was VERY dusty. Nothing that was not fixable with fairly minimal effort, though.

And there, we have (focus-)stacks of coins!

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