Scavenger Hunt #28 – White

“White” is the first word I shot for this Hunt. I knew early on that I really wanted a fully white picture, textured in some way; I just didn’t know which texture would be interesting and fun to shoot. It was literally a matter of “shower thoughts” – I washed my hair and saw the shampoo form a thick white foam at the bottom of the shower, and went “ooooh”. A few days later, I spent some time in my bathroom with more clothes and more camera gear, and I started experimenting with a variety of foam pictures. I lit everything with a Lume cube in one hand (and/or sitting on the border of the shower) and the camera in the other (no tripod was involved in this picture :P), shot a bunch of pictures and decided afterwards which would yield the best results once cropped and processed.

This is the original picture, with only minor RAW development operations:

CameraPentax K-1 II
LensHD PENTAX-D FA 24-70mm F2.8 ED SDM WR
Focal length58mm
Exposure time1/50 s

As it is, it took a fair amount of rotating and cropping and editing to get a proper white foam picture, especially since I wanted to avoid the very large hot spot on the left (which was still the light that allowed me to get reasonably contrasted bubbles).

For more interpretations of the theme, see the White Scavenger album!

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