Cool Stuff

Why Is Everyone Suddenly Obsessed With Sourdough? [text] – an interview with Robin Sloan, who wrote a very fun book called Sourdough. TW current events, but then sourdough.

Garbage Math [comic] – XKCD is tackling the problem of “what happens if you put garbage in your math”, and it’s great.

Hopepunk, the latest storytelling trend, is all about weaponized optimism [text] – an article about the term hopepunk, which has initially been coined as “the opposite of grimdark “- more about the definition and the concept in the article. As well as a list of books and series and music and and and, in which I’ll probably have to dig into the ones I don’t know yet (and maybe update for “after 2018”).

A distant quasar has the most powerful wind ever seen. And yeah, it’s a doozy [text] – here, get a dose of mindblowing scales with an article discussing a very powerful quasar. With a very large black hole.

What to Buy When Starting a French Bar at Home [text] – David Lebovitz has a new book out, Drinking French – and he’s had a lot of content lately on his blog around the topic. As a French woman without a French bar, I quite liked this “okay, where do I start” blog post 🙂

How to make Mini Oven from Mini Bricks [medium-length video] – err, what the title says. It’s cute and fascinating.

This Is Your Brain on [current events] Dreams [text] – I do try to avoid things that talk too much about current events, buuuuut I did like that article a lot – mostly because I did notice an uptick in vivid dreams lastly 🙂

How to Make A Roguelike in One Day [short video] – this made me smile. Aaaaand kind of want to program a roguelike. (No, it’s probably not happening.)

#gettymuseumchallenge [images, twitter] – The Getty museum in California challenged people to recreate famous artworks, and there’s a ton of good stuff in there – either impressive, funny, or both.

ISLANDERS [game, Steam] – I’ve been playing ISLANDERS today – it’s a minimalist city strategy game building. Think Suburbia meets Mini Metro. It’s pretty, very relaxing, cheap, and I’m going to go and start another game.

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