Cool stuff

I remembered I had some backlog on older cool stuff from between January and…. some time later, so here, have a few cool links.

The Deep Sea [image] – an illustration (to scroll) about what lives at what depth of the ocean on Earth. The rest of the links of that website are also pretty cool, in particular The Size of Space.

The best of 2019 wildlife photography awards – in pictures [photos] – the time for pretty wildlife pictures is now.

Eric Wastl – Advent of Code: Behind The Scenes – Leetspeak 2019 [long video] – Eric Wastl, who runs Advent of Code, talks about the experience, the puzzle writing, and why he does all that.

How to exit vim [mostly text] – literally what the title says, in a very… technically correct way.

Unit Conversion & Significant Figures: Crash Course Chemistry #2 [medium-length video] – Hank Green is a cool guy, Crash Course is great, and I really liked that video because it explains things I remember grumbling about during my studies in a very clear way.

An 18-carat gold nugget made of plastic [mostly text] – people playing with materials and doing fun stuff, like making 18-carat gold that’s far less dense than traditional mixture with silver.

This Astrophotographer Makes the World Turn and the Sky Stand Still [images, some text]- some fun animation of a long timelapse where the stars are stabilized but in the image (but the foreground… not). Pretty trippy.

The donut packing problem [text with images] – someone did math about donut shapes and their ability to fit into boxes.

Turing Trains – computational train track layouts – because making Turing machines out of model train tracks is one of the nerdiest things I can think of.

Background Matting: The World is Your Green Screen – video of a person + picture of the background = green screen. That’s quite cool – and they seem to have beautiful results.

The Computer Scientist Who Can’t Stop Telling Stories – a Q&A with Donald Knuth. Funnily enough, I reached to TAoCP book 2 this week-end 😉

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