52Frames – 2020-15 – A Different Angle

Late submission this week for 52Frames – the theme was A Different Angle. I was on my way to try and make a picture of a light fixture from below (lack of inspiration was striking again), when I saw my tripod in its shelf in my corridor.

Two things happened then – “you know what’s not typically seen from that angle? A tripod, seen from above it”, and some cheeky part of me going “The brief said…. ‘This is NOT a tripod type of challenge’…. well, watch me”.

So there, you get a picture of my tripod, from above. Also, projections do not preserve angles generally, so there, different angles with the shadow, boom.

Yeah, this is a weak entry – but I got the camera out this week, which is the important point. And I even did some non-trivial edits on this one too, so there’s that 😉

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