Cool stuff

Let’s have a new round of #coolstuff because it’s been a while. I’m trying to keep it free of the Current Events, but I’ll still allow myself a couple of links that happens indirectly because of them, because some things are just too cool 😛

Some cool photo lense content: C-4 Precision Optics releases $39,000 4.9mm F3.5 Hyper Fisheye lens for Sony E mount – already pretty cool by itself; but even more is Assembling the C-4 Optics 4.9mm f3.5 Hyperfisheye Prototype, with a lot of pictures of the assembly of that thing. It’s lovely.

Fangs – Sarah Andersen (known for Sarah’s Scribbles, which were collected in Big Mushy Happy Lump and following volumes) has a new comics series – a romance between a vampire and a werewolf. Über-cute.

Cosmic Background – Andrew McCarthy is a super impressive and super prolific astrophotographer. His instagram is way worth a look.

Teatoucan – and while we’re on Instagram, how about some INSANELY COOL DICE? I mean, have you seen this one?

Classic Programmer Paintings – a classic, by now, but I don’t think I ever gave a link here. Take classic paintings, give them a new title that has something to do with software engineering, hilarity ensues. For instance, “Theoretical computer scientists arguing about random number generators.”, “Senior developer gets interrupted”, or “Business Analyst explains user story with persona”.

I got to bring a robot arm home from work due to the shelter-in-place order – /r/robotics delivers with a robot arm in the kitchen.

Penguins Visiting Other Animals in Aquarium is Amazing – the Shedd aquarium in Chicago is bringing a couple of penguins on field trips in the rest of the aquarium, and it brings me a smile.

Anyone here into Bionicle? – I never really understood the appeal of Bionicle LEGO, but now that I’ve seen that Space Marine, I’m kind of convinced.

Siril, a free astronomical image processing software – I just learnt about this thing, and it looks pretty neat. One day I’ll actually stop dreaming of astrophotography and DO IT. 😀

The LEGO Storage Guide – because nicely ordered collections of LEGO are very satisfying. Also, the rest of that website is cool (it’s by the author of The LEGO Architect, which is a neat book 🙂 )

F is for Food Waste – Akkana is trying to track down where assumptions such as “40% of consumer food in the US is thrown away uneaten” and “20 pounds of wasted food per person per month” come from, and I found it interesting 🙂

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