52Frames – 2020-14 – Curves

This week the theme for 52Frames was Curves. While thinking about what curvy thing I could possibly photograph, I thought of my nibs – I have a fairly large collection of dip pen nibs, used mostly for tinkering with calligraphy. (Also, nibs are pretty, they are small, and they might become somewhat of a collectible item for me 😉 )

This one belonged to my grandfather – it’s a Conté Tréraid 1.5mm – and I thought the reservoil on top would make a pretty curve for this week’s challenge.

Photography wise, that was “lazy macro”: set the nib on a reasonable surface (technically, a cover of a Rhodia paper block), get a Lume cube in one hand, a camera in another, and hope for the best when it comes to get a picture that has both decent light and decent focus. I think I did pretty well 🙂

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