Cambridge, MA

We went to the US for a couple of weeks – I wanted to attend the Scavenger Meetup in Orlando, and Pierre visited colleagues in Cambridge (near Boston); since both are on the same coast, it played out pretty well.

What did NOT play out pretty well is that I sprained my ankle quite badly less than two weeks before leaving, and I was still sporting a “potato foot” and walking with an aircast and a crutch when we left for the US. Consequently, I didn’t explore around as much as I would typically have – but I still got a few photo albums out of it!

New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium in Boston is a staple of my visits there – I like the place, I like their gigantic tank in the middle, and it’s generally a cool place to take pictures.

And they have fun jelly fish too.

The full album is here: New England Aquarium in Boston – 2019.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

I had never visited the Harvard Museum of Natural History – and despite my initial grumbling about stairs at the entrance (there WAS an accessible entry. I just chose to grumble instead.), I absolutely loved it 🙂

The first thing that caught my interest was the botany exhibition.

All of these are… glass models, made between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. They’re really impressive (I couldn’t believe they were made of glass) and very pretty. I’ll have to go back, because my pictures are shitty, but the models are very pretty.

The other room where I spent a lot of time was the mineralogy collection.

It was truly fantastic, a lot of specimens, great curation, and even panels on the side explaining where to find the Minecraft rocks 😀

Also, does this guy look hungry or what?

I believe that the “animal” sections were also great, but I got unfortunately freaked out before I could appreciate their true worth – I was still not walking very well and I got tired, that probably didn’t help.

The full album is here: Harvard Museum of Natural History.

A short walk through Cambridge

There’s a pretty famous MIT building, the Stata center, designed by Frank Gehry. I hadn’t managed to get a decent picture of it in my previous stays in the area, but that’s now fixed – we went on a walk on Memorial Day and I was able to get a few shots from an angle I had noticed a few days before.

On the same day, we walked a bit along the river, ran into a bunch of kayaks:

who happily provided me with some foreground:

And we dropped by the board games and comic book shops near Harvard – which was preparing for graduation ceremonies:

The full set is here (and it’s the smallest of all three): Cambridge – 2019.


I went to Cambridge. I made pictures. They are here:

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