New year, new 52frames

A while ago, I participated somewhat regularly to the 52frames challenge. 52 weeks, 52 themes, 52 pictures. I kind of liked it, the themes are typically “challenging, but open enough”, and I quite like the “extra credit” that allows to either add another constraint or not. But eventually I ended up missing a week, two weeks, … many weeks, and it disappeared from the “things I do”.

New year times are obviously a “common” time to re-start that kind of challenges, and since I’m the least original person in the world, well, I’m restarting a run this week – I checked earlier that I still had an active ID, and I intend to submit a picture for this week’s challenge, Self-Portrait.

And since I decided I’d put more content on my blog, I’ll also post what I do here whenever the album is published (typically on Wednesdays, if I remember correctly) – in a way, I’m adding some additional accountability 😉

So – see you next week – in the meantime, I need to shoot a self-portrait 🙂 (Well, another one. The one on top of this post is a few months old already.)

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